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Meadows Behavioral Healthcare is proud to announce another season of our popular continuing education webinar series, the Knowledge Network! Again, we have partnered with the PESI organization to bring our valued professionals FREE, online training opportunities featuring Meadows Senior Fellows, our expert clinical staff, and special industry guests.

Mark your calendar now for these upcoming webinars and watch for more information to come. 

Webinars are one hour in length. Registration opens two weeks before the training date.

PESI, Inc., is approved as a provider of continuing education by numerous national agencies. Please refer to your state rules and regulations. If your profession is not listed, please contact your licensing board to determine your continuing education requirements and check for reciprocal approval.

Featured Webinar

Dr. Tian Dayton

Tian Dayton, PhD
Senior Fellow at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare


September 22, 2022

Sociometrics: Experiential Therapy Made Easy

1pm PST/4EST | 1.5 CE Credit

Webinar Description

Sociometrics are psycho-educational, experiential processes that help clients to move organically from states of dysregulation to co-regulation. They get clients out of their chairs, on their feel, grounded in the room and engaged with each other . Created by Dr. Dayton to fit easily into treatment, out-patient programs, clinics and one to one settings, sociometrics help to take the guess work out of incorporating psychodrama and sociometry into treatment. We’ll use lecture and film clips to demonstrate embodied process of both role play and group processes that engage and bond participants. Through a process of choosing, sharing and listening clients learn to translate hidden emotion into words, make it conscious and share it with others in a way that feels safe. Attendees will see how Floor Checks incorporate research into a psycho-educational process that literally pulls dry lecture material off of chalkboards and brings personal sharing to life. We’ll learn how to use The Trauma Timeline to trace and work with developmental trauma and The Resilience Timeline to consolidate gains. Experiential Letter Writing and Family of Origin or Frozen Moment Social Atom will be covered, you will learn how to share them in one to one, group or on zoom. All of these processes are in Dr. Dayton’s upcoming book, Sociometrics: Embodied, Experiential Processes for Relational Trauma Repair.

Learning objectives:

At the end of this course, participants will  be able to:

  1. Demonstrate Floor Checks to engage, bond and educate groups.
  2. Demonstrate the Trauma Timeline to trace developmental trauma to points throughout the life cycle.
  3. Explore how to use embodied, experiential processes in a safe and contained way

Dr. Dayton is a Senior Fellow at The Meadows. She is the author of fifteen books including The Soulful Journey of Recovery, The ACoA Trauma Syndrome, Emotional Sobriety, Trauma and Addiction, Forgiving and Moving On, and The Living Stage. She has developed an approach for incorporating experiential work into treatment programs and group work, Relationship Trauma Repair (RTR).

Tian Dayton has a master’s in educational psychology and a PhD in clinical psychology and is a board-certified trainer in psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy. She is a certified Montessori teacher. Dr. Dayton is the director of The New York Psychodrama Training Institute. She is a nationally renowned speaker, expert, and consultant in psychodrama, trauma and addiction, ACoAS and self-help related issues. Dr. Dayton was on the faculty at NYU for eight years teaching psychodrama. Dr. Dayton is a fellow of the American Society of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy ASGPP, Lifetime Achievement Award, the Scholar’s award, President’s Award and Gratitude Award, former editor in chief of the Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy and professional standards committee. She is also the winner of The Mona Mansell Award and The Ackermann Black Award. Dr. Dayton has been a guest expert on NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Montel, Rikki Lake, John Walsh and Geraldo. Tian blogs for Thrive Global and The Huffington Post.

Dr. Dayton is a fully certified practitioner and trainer by the American Society of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy (ASGPP). She served for eight years as the editor-in-chief of The Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, and eight years as an executive editor of the same. She is the winner of ASGPP’s Gratitude Award for her contributions to this field. Tian has spent her career raising the standard of expertise and training of these methods in the addictions’ field and adapting psychodrama and sociometry for work specifically with relational trauma and addictions. Her trademarked processes Socio Metrics, are in use nationally and around the world, as is her model Relational Trauma Repair (RTR). These processes combine research with psychodrama and sociometry creating a contained, psycho-educational, experiential approach to healing. Clients learn about the issues and symptoms while engaging in an experiential, relational healing process. Her books The Living Stage, Relational Trauma Repair (Therapist’s Guide) and her upcoming book Sociometrics all explore this process along with the basics of psychodrama and sociometry.

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